MS Office 2013 Craông chồng : As of February 2014, the lakiểm tra service packs for Microsoft Office suites are Office 2013 SP1. Please keep in mind If you have already installed Office 2013 the easiest way to lớn update it lớn the lachạy thử Microsoft Office service paông chồng is khổng lồ run Windows Update.

Related editions of Microsoft Office : 

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus which we share here is RTM (Release To Manufacturing), but it will be easy lớn turn it inkhổng lồ a VL (Volume licensing).

Office 2013 Key Features : 

Remodeled start screen.New graphical options in Word.Excel 2013 supports new limit models.Support for và in Outlook.IMAPhường special folders tư vấn.Support for integration with Skype, Yammer, và SkyDrive.Online picture support with content from,, và Flickr (by mặc định, only images in the public domain).Objects such as images can be freely moved; they snap khổng lồ boundaries such as paragraph edges, document margin, and or column boundaries.Ability lớn return khổng lồ the last viewed or edited location in Word & PowerPoint.New slide designs, animations, and transitions in PowerPoint 2013.A new visualization for scheduled tasks in Microsoft Outlook.Flatter look of the Ribbon interface & subtle animations when typing or selecting (Word & Excel).

 (Microsoft Office Activation Proof)