We’d can’t wait khổng lồ be able khổng lồ open our doors bachồng up and treat all of the wonderful people we’ve sầu served for the past 15 years!

We will be open just as soon as this crazy virut has past and it’s safe khổng lồ treat the community again!

Millions of people in the US struggle with găng và anxiety. The symptoms can be difficult to lớn control, và many people don’t want to lớn khuyến mãi with the side effects of traditional medicine. With acupuncture, you can help alleviate the symptoms of bức xúc and anxiety without any adverse side effects. 

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In the meantime, here are five effective acupuncture points that you can use at home page with simple acupressure techniques to help relieve sầu bao tay và anxiety.

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Rethành viên we’re all in this together and we’ll all support each other as we come out of it together!

Acupressure Points Techniques 

Become aware of your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply as you press each point in turn. Use your thumbs or fingers to lớn apply a firm but gentle pressure, move in a small circular or up-and-down motion for about 60 seconds khổng lồ 2 minutes on each point. This entire sequence of points will take you around 10 minutes to lớn complete. Rethành viên to breath smoothly and cthua thảm your eyes.

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This is a great point for starting & ending your sequence. It is used in the treatment room to calm the mind and for improving focus. It is associated with the spirit & is an effective point for relaxing the muscles involved in a furrowed brow. It is thought to reduce worry.

GB-trăng tròn FENG CHI:

This is a great point for relieving neck tension, headaches, và for overall calming. It softens the neông xã & relieves muscle tension. The point can be found right at the base of the skull when it attaches to lớn the neck. Try rubbing both sides at once. This is great point lớn work deeply and is an easy on to lớn work on a frikết thúc or loved one.

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This point is commonly used to balance treatments và provides movement & flow khổng lồ the other points in a treatment. It is used especially when people are agitated và feel căng thẳng & have sầu anxiety building up. It is a point for calming pent up frustrations. It is easily located between the 1st và second toes. Start slowly as this one can often be very tender.


Nei guan means the “Inner gate.” It is the point that we named our clinic after. The point is associated with the heart và the pericardium. It has a calming effect for the nervous system & the digestive sầu tract. In fact, the point is used to lớn calm nausea from sea sickness & pregnant woman. The point is ASSOCIATED with the vagus nerve sầu. It is found two inches up from the wrist on the inside.


This is a very commonly used point in the clinic. It has a svào effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. That is the calming part of the nervous system. it also sida in digestion.

Can Acupuncture Help Your Stress & Anxiety?

For many people, acupuncture is a low-risk, effective treatment for bao tay and anxiety symptoms. When used in tandem with other alternative treatments lượt thích relaxation techniques, meditation, & exercises, acupuncture has helped many of our patients reduce their bức xúc, anxiety & improve sầu their overall well-being.

Interested in seeing how acupuncture can help alleviate your symptoms of ức chế & anxiety? Learn more about our acupuncture services & schedule an appointment with our certified Portlvà acupuncturists today!