This article is a guide to lớn installing Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC.

Summary: This article is a guide khổng lồ installing Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC.See less This article is a guide to lớn installing Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC.

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This article provides information on how khổng lồ install Microsoft Office 2010 Professional on your PC.

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Installing Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC

This is a step by step guide taking you through installing Microsoft Office 2010 on your system. It lists the system requirements to run the program. How to locate the install truyền thông media & how khổng lồ use it once you have it.


There are also some notes và hints about known issues và there are some suggestions about how best to go about the install itself.

As always if you have any problems at the kết thúc of this guide you can liên hệ your local technical tư vấn or our Twitter team for further help, but in this case I would recommend you liên hệ your local Microsoft helpline instead.

If it"s a authentication issue, Microsoft are the only people who can kiểm tra & affect can"t supply new hàng hóa Id"s for ones that have been lost & we don"t have sầu the access or authority khổng lồ authenticate your office install. If it is a particular installation error code, Microsoft are the people who will have sầu the best idea of what it means và how to lớn resolve sầu it. If you are having licensing errors or have questions about it, again Microsoft will be the only people who can check và go over this with doesn"t have sầu access to lớn license lists or to how many machines are reporting that particular serial or license at the one time. We can"t check how many times that license has been used or on what systems.

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Hardware and Software Requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 is available in both 32 và 64-bit versions & will install on the following minimum hardware requirements.

500 MHz or faster processor 256 MB or more RAM memory 3 GB or larger available hard disk space 1024x578 display resolution Windows XP SP3 32-bit, Windows Vista SP1 32/64-bit, Windows Server 2003 R2 32/64-bit with MSXML 6.0, Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit or later , Windows 7 32/64-bit, Windows 8 32/64-bit, Windows Terminal Server và Windows on Windows applications are supported as well.

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What are you installing from?

Are you installing from media, from a download or bởi vì you only have a hàng hóa ID?

If you"re installing from CD/DVD truyền thông, then simply insert the truyền thông và wait for the autostart to lớn open the setup screen.If the autostart doesn"t work, you can navigate to lớn the drive in windows explorer và double cliông xã on the cài đặt.exe pháo file on the truyền thông media itself.

If you"ve sầu downloaded the program, then you can double cliông chồng on thethiết đặt.exein windows explorer.

If you only have the hàng hóa ID then you will want lớn follow the instructions below.

NOTE: You"re sản phẩm ID is usually either in a confirmation tin nhắn for a download, on the install truyền thông media or comes on a card with your PC. If you can"t locate it, there are third các buổi party programs that will recover product ID"s or Keys from your system. However cannot recommover this or a particular program lớn accomplish this.

Confirm your PC meets the Office 2010 system requirements.

Check to lớn see if your PC is preloaded with Office 2010.

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Cliông xã theWindows Start menu& then clickAll Programs.

If you seeOffice 2010, Office is preloaded.


If your PC is preloaded with Office 2010. Clichồng theWindows Start Menuand then clickOffice 2010. On the startup screen, look for this image Chechồng Mark & then clickActivate. When prompted, enter your25-character Product Key.

If your PC isNOTpreloaded with Office 2010 or you have reinstalled your PC from disc and not from an image. Go khổng lồ the page below & enter yourproduct IDand you can tải về a copy of your media and then cliông chồng on thesetup.exe pháo file.

If your issue is with the Product Key / Code, then we advise you liên hệ Microsoft Support Directly.

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Installation instructions

ClickYeson the User Account Control window lớn give permission for the installation application lớn work on your computer. Office 2010 will begin extracting files.

Enter yourhàng hóa keyinlớn the space provided và press theContinue buttononce Microsoft validates your key.


Read the Microsoft Software License terms, placea kiểm tra markin the box to lớn indicate that you agree with them & press theContinue button.


Press theInstall Now buttonto lớn begin the installation. A progress bar will indicate how far along the installation has progressed. Depending upon the speed of your computer, this step could take several minutes on older systems.



ClickClosewhen the installation completes.


To access the newly-installed Microsoft Office 2010 applications, go toStart > All Programs > Microsoft Officevà cliông xã on the program that you wish khổng lồ use. When Microsoft Office 2010 runs for the first time a window will appear asking you to help protect and improve Microsoft Office.


Placea dotin the radio button besideUse Recommended Settings& clickOK.

ClickYeson the User Account Control Window that will appear asking if Microsoft Update can make changes lớn your computer. The settings will be saved và you will be able lớn start using your newly installed Microsoft Office 2010.

NOTE: There are two known problems when installing Office 2010 on a windows 8 operating system. The first is that it won"t recognise the sản phẩm ID. If this is the case disconnect the internet and authenticate your install using the Microsoft helpline in your region. The second is that the install hangs multiple times during install & then halts at about 90% installed. At present the only fix for this is khổng lồ ensure that the Print Spooler service is stopped before installing Office 2010 in clean boot mode. Cliông xã on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run & type services.msc and hit OK. In the Services window, scroll down and right cliông xã on Print Spooler and clichồng Stop. Ensure lớn start the Print Spooler service after troubleshooting.
Install, activate or troubleshoot Microsoft Office software coming with your device or bought as a standalone license by visiting our Office Support site.

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