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responsibility /ris,pɔnsə"biliti/ danh từ trách nhiệmto bear the full responsibility for one"s act: chịu hoàn toàn trách nhiệm về hành động của mìnhto take the responsibility: nhận trách nhiệm (làm gì)to deline all responsibilities: không nhận trách nhiệmto do something on one"s own responsibility: tự ý làm và chịu trách nhiệm về việc gì gánh trách nhiệm; cái phải gánh váca family is a great responsibility: gia đình là một trách nhiệm lớn
mức chịu trách nhiệmsự có trách nhiệmtrách nhiệmContractor"s responsibility for the Care of the Works: trách nhiệm của nhà thầu về trông nom công trìnhlimited responsibility: trách nhiệm hữu hạnwithout our responsibility: ngoài trách nhiệm của chúng tôiconstruction with purely economical responsibilitycông trình kinh tế trọng điểmconstruction with uneconomical responsibilitycông trình không phục vụ kinh tếrepair with responsibilitysự sửa chữa bất thườngrepair without responsibilitysự sửa chữa thông thườngsupervisory responsibilitychức năng giám sátsupervisory responsibilitynhiệm vụ giám sáttrách nhiệmassume no responsibility for: không nhận trách nhiệm về...bear joint responsibility (to ...): chịu trách nhiệm liên đớicapacity for responsibility: năng lực trách nhiệmchain of responsibility: trách nhiệm dây chuyềncivil responsibility: trách nhiệm dân sựclause limiting the responsibility: điều khoản hạn định trách nhiệmcorporate responsibility: trách nhiệm cộng đồngcustodial responsibility: trách nhiệm bảo quảndissolution of responsibility: miễn trừ trách nhiệmdistribution responsibility: trách nhiệm chia chịudual responsibility: trách nhiệm tay đôievasion of responsibility: sự lảng tránh trách nhiệmfinancial responsibility: trách nhiệm về tài chínhlegal responsibility: trách nhiệm pháp lý luật phápmaterial responsibility: trách nhiệm vật chấtresponsibility accounting: sự tính toán có trách nhiệmresponsibility accounting: quá trình hạch toán trách nhiệmresponsibility accounting: kế toán theo trách nhiệmresponsibility audit: thẩm tra trách nhiệmresponsibility centre: trung tâm trách nhiệmresponsibility clause: điều khoản trách nhiệmresponsibility payment: tiền thưởng trách nhiệmresponsibility system: chế độ trách nhiệmsocial responsibility: trách nhiệm xã hộisocial responsibility: trách nhiệm xã hội (của các công ty...)sole responsibility for one"s own profit: trách nhiệm tự chịu lời lỗtake on a responsibility (to..): nhận trách nhiệmtake on responsibility: nhận trách nhiệmresponsibility paymentphụ cấp chức vụresponsibility systemchế độ khoán việcsupervisory responsibilitychức trách giám sát

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): responsibility, irresponsibility, responsible, irresponsible, responsibly, irresponsibly


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Từ điển Collocation

responsibility noun

1 being responsible

ADJ. full, total | awesome, great, heavy, weighty It is a great responsibility looking after other people"s children. | direct | overall | primary | ultimate Ultimate responsibility rests with the prime minister. | special | diminished He was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility. | sole | collective, joint, shared | individual, personal | ministerial, parental | financial, legal, moral, social

VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have She has responsibility for public transport. | accept, assume, bear, shoulder, take (on/over) The bank refuses to accept responsibility for the mistake. Will you take responsibility for arranging the food? | share | lay, place The government of the time placed responsibility for the poor on the Church. | delegate, devolve, hand over devolving responsibility downwards so decisions are taken nearer to the people they will affect | abdicate, evade, shirk, shift to shift legal responsibility for the correct labelling of goods onto the shopkeeper | admit, claim No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb attack. | deny, disclaim, duck Ducking responsibility is fatal in a democracy. | allocate, assign (sb), give sb | attribute He attributed responsibility for the killing to the secret service. | burden sb with | absolve sb from/of

RESPONSIBILITY + VERB fall on sb, lie/rest with sb

PREP. ~ for Full responsibility for the fiasco lies with the PR department. | ~ towards He feels a strong sense of responsibility towards his parents.

PHRASES the age of criminal responsibility, the burden of responsibility The school governors carry a special burden of responsibility. | do sth on your own responsibility (= without being told to and being willing to take the blame if it goes wrong), a position of responsibility, a sense of responsibility

2 job/duty

ADJ. heavy, onerous | additional, increased | altered | caring, departmental, domestic, family, financial, managerial, ministerial, parental, professional, teaching | contractual, statutory | particular, special

VERB + RESPONSIBILITY have | carry out, discharge, fulfil | accept, face up to, take on, undertake He seems unwilling to face up to his responsibilities as a father. I don"t feel ready to take on new responsibilities. | delegate | avoid, evade, shirk | relieve sb of

PREP. ~ for The heads of school departments have particular responsibilities for the curriculum. | ~ to/towards The club has a responsibility to its members.

PHRASES duties and responsibilities, rights and responsibilities parental rights and responsibilities

Từ điển WordNet

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

responsibilitiessyn.: duty obligation province responsibleness