365 16.0.15128.20280 The creation of multitruyền thông presentations using slideshows has a name: Microsoft PowerPoint, Office"s tool to lớn bring your ideas to lớn life & represent them

Microsoft Office is the favorite office suite for millions of PC users all over the world. Its different applications are suitable for working both in the professional, domestic, và academic fields. Ahy vọng the latter, we can find tools of the likes of Word or Excel, but we can"t forget about Microsoft PowerPoint, the program included in the suite that we can use khổng lồ create multimedia presentations.

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The best platform lớn display data, projects, & ideas

With this phầm mềm, you"ll have all the functions you need to create presentations using slides. Functions that aren"t limited to lớn offering a result that includes just text và images, but that also provide support for other elements such as audio and video. All the latter, starting off from scratch or using prephối templates included in the program itself.

Create presentations in an intuitive sầu manner.

The method lớn generate the presentations isn"t at all complicated: from the very beginning the user has total freedom to display his contents and as he advances he"ll be able to lớn include different elements to enrich the slideshows.

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Main features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

One of its latest updates has definitely become one of its most noteworthy functions. We"re talking about the possibility to synchronize our work with other project-mates thanks lớn the fact that we can work straight on the cloud. Thus, it encourages collaborative sầu work & all the members of a team can modify different aspects of the same document & keep up with all the changes. But we can also find other features such as the following:

An editor that allows the insertion of text & its formatting.Tools lớn insert images and graphics and modify them.Different themes with panoramic variations.Different color schemes.Compact colorful-style toolbar.Alignment guides khổng lồ enhance texts.Tools to lớn combine shapes.Transformation effect to lớn give the presentation a fluid movement with just one clichồng.Possibility lớn use it on second screens.A wide range of templates và prephối slides khổng lồ choose from.

It"s an application that can be used in any situation: to lớn create presentations for work or to lớn generate funny emails.

Its different tools have been conceived so that any user can swiftly create designs without requiring advanced knowledge. You can obtain almost professional results once you"ve sầu spent some time using it.

Despite the competition, it"s still an all-time favorite

Its features have turned into lớn the number-one presentations program. It doesn"t matter if there are some great miễn phí alternatives out there like OpenOffice"s Impress or Prezi, that can be used online without needing khổng lồ download anything; it"s still a reference và its PPT format is compatible with any other alternative.

What"s new in the lachạy thử version

Microsoft hasn"t announced the changes made in this version.