ur.csmaritimo-online.com.edu và click “Next”. This will re-direct you to the University’s Office 365 login page.

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Step 3

Enter your Active Directory username và password (including the ur domain).

Step 4

In the Apps và devices tab, clichồng Install Office.

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With Office 2011 for Mac, you may encounter a “Getting Started” window with three options. Choose “Sign in to lớn an existing Office 365 subscription” & input your username
ur.csmaritimo-online.com.edu and password when prompted.

Step 5

The software will be downloaded on your computer. Double-cliông chồng on the download khổng lồ open it and follow the directions below khổng lồ install it.


Your copy of Microsoft Office remains active until you leave the University, at which point, you will either need lớn uninstall it or purchase a license key.