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november /nou"vembə/ danh từ mon mười một

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MONTH: the month of ~
The bus service will be offered miễn phí of charge to residents for the month of August.

last, next, that, this ~ the/this coming ~ the following/previous ~ She"ll be 40 this coming September.

~ (of) last/next/that/this year ~ (of) the/this coming year ~ (of) the following/previous/same year The construction work began in May of last year.

early, late, mid-~ The strike began in late March.

the beginning, end, middle of ~ I"m going on holiday at the end of April.

first/latter/second half of ~ The first half of January was marked by intense diplomatic activity.

the period ~ Throughout the period November lớn February flocks of 500 or more are regularly present.

the months/weeks/year khổng lồ ~ In the year to June, sales were up 12% on a year ago.

spend ~ He spent August abroad.

~ arrive sầu, come (written) November came with especially nasty fog.

~ pass (into lớn ~) (written) January passed inlớn February with the crime still a mystery.

a ~ day/morning/night, etc. a misty December morning

~ ("s) edition/issue His article will appear in May"s issue of the magazine.

~ sales I picked up lots of bargains in the January sales.

~ coup, demonstration, election, meeting, referendum, revolution, riot, summit, etc. The buổi tiệc nhỏ is lớn boycott the June elections.

about, around ~ We will write to lớn you again around August.

after, before ~ We expect to lớn take delivery some time after June.

between ~ & ~ The khách sạn is closed between October & April.

by ~ The refurbishment should be completed by December.

come ~ It"s baông chồng lớn school for hyên come September

(= when September comes). during ~ The museum attracted 2,000 visitors during March.