Have sầu a look at MS Office 365 2018. Discover the facts, features, and benefits of using Office 365 & why it is perfect for small, medium, & large enterprise businesses.

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Know Excel? Powerpoint? MS Word? I guess these are a couple of applications that every technical/non-technical user has gone through at least once in their lifetime. Now, these utilities are a small part of an integrated suite và what is that? Microsoft Office, of course!

MS Office 365 is a giant productivity suite that consists of much more than just a couple of applications. It is a whole intelligent package providing robust security & collaboration features khổng lồ individual users as well as businesses. Microsoft takes care of its users’ convenience by providing cloud computing, leaving behind the traditional old-school desktop offerings. SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Lync Online etc. are the best cloud accesses that eliminate the need for retrieving emails, documents, and other data. And that too without the need for an enormous IT department.

Here, we are going to lớn explore what Office 365 is and how useful it can be for multiple purposes. Let’s analyze all the facts và perks of Office 365 aka Exchange Online!!

MS Office 365 2018 – Features và Facts

So, we will be dividing the Office 365 features and benefits into three sections - core, cloud computing,và Office 365 plans respectively.

bộ vi xử lý Core Features of Office 365

Starting off with the basic features of O365.

Traditional Office ApplicationsThe most familiar MS Office applications are there in O365, lượt thích MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, PowerPoint và many more. These all fall into this traditional category. One advantage of these all is the “offline access” (although the updates are available for the purpose of collaboration). Web Apps of Office 365You got more power! The offline apps Word, Onecảnh báo, Powerpoint, Outlook etc. are available with the online versions as well. di động Access of OfficeNeedless khổng lồ say, plenty of apps are available on the mobile phone for Android phones, Windows, iPhones, và iPad tablet devices.

Now, moving ahead lớn explore what more has Office 365 offered with Cloud access!

Insight to lớn Office 365 Cloud Service

Let’s have sầu a look at the promising cloud services of Office 365.

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ExchangeThe need for a dedicated server gets eliminated due to the cloud hosting of Exchange và Outlook accounts. All you need is just a website page, through which you will administrate & run the accounts remotely. All the data items are stored remotely including emails, contacts, calendar entries with robust security.One DriveThe cloud storage component of Office 365 is OneDrive, which formerly used to be SkyDrive. It"s used for sharing files, backups, collaboration, storing data in cloud & sync files across multiple điện thoại devices like Android, Windows Phone, iOS or computer systems lượt thích MAC và Windows.SharePoint OnlineThe major cloud service that justifies collaboration is SharePoint Online. It"s primarily for organizations, to lớn collaborate with team members, colleagues, customers, partners etc. SharePoint Online provides facilities like File sharing, nội dung management, information sharing, external sharing (exchange information amuốn inside as well as outside the organization). SkyDrive sầu Pro is the main feature of SharePoint Online providing users control over the organization.LyncWho says MS Office is no fun! Lync is there for communication, instant messaging, audio/Clip calls & much more stuff. Through Lync, users can share presentations, not only one-to-one, but group sharing as well. My personal favorite feature of Lync is its capability khổng lồ amalgamate with Outlook accounts and update our status automatically.

Office 365 Plans and Pricing

Talking about the plans and pricing of Office 365 suite, it varies from package to package. There are Office 365 trang chủ & Personal plans. These two plans are just one-time payment plans. The Office 365 business plans come with a subscription of a monthly payment. These 3 business plans are Small business, Medium kích cỡ business, and Enterprise màn chơi business plans. The price factor ranges from $5 lớn $25 per users per month.

The user limit for Small businesses is 25 users, while for medium businesses it changes to 300 users. On the other hvà, Enterprise màn chơi plans have unlimited users limit. More features of Office 365 packages can be compared on the official site of Microsoft.

Bottom Line

Well, this was a complete yet compact MS Office 365 overview with features and services. Undoubtedly, Office 365 is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá productivity suite lớn lift up the productivity of many running or start-up organizations, with minimal expenditure. Being flexible and vast at the same time, Office 365 can be a real gem for most of the businesses.