Luis Fonsi mê performs at Sir Lucian Grainge"s 2018 Artist Showcase presented by American Airlines & ... <+> Citi on January 27, 2018 in Thủ đô New York. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision for UMG/APhường Images)

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When Latin Grammy-winning singer-songwriter LuisFonsireleased his first album baông xã in 1998, he didn’t have sầu the không tính tiền sale tool that is social truyền thông readily available at his fingertips.

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He recalls only having an artist website to relay information khổng lồ fans & reach new audiences. Today, social media platforms lượt thích Twitter & Instagram have sầu made this process easier for artists, as these sites have sầu proven to be beneficial in music promotion and discovery.

Nearly two decades later, social media& streaming services have helped propel Latin music into the mainstream (or,accordingtoBillboard’s Leila Cobo, cause a“Latin Music explosion”).And although Fonmê man is very vocal about not wanting lớn take credit for whole thing, he was a key igniter in the 2017 "explosion."

I sat down withFonsiearlier this month atTwitter’sHeadquarters in NYC, just beforeFonsiparticipated in a panelabout Latin music’s role in the newdigital era. Moderated byRemezclawriter Eduardo Cepedomain authority,the panelfeatured key figures working in the realm of Latin music, streaming engagement, including Marco Botero, head of Twitter Miangươi và US Hispanics andAzuncenaOlvera, head of Pandora’s Latin Industry Relations and Artist Marketing.

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“I couldn"t think of a typical day without social media, especially when I"m out on tour or when I"m about to lớn release a new single, new video clip...without having those tools, you know, it"s like, what would I do?”Fonđắm say said in our interview. “It has really changed the way we market và cốt truyện our music.”


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In 2017, a historic19 Spanish-language songschartedon the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And it wasone tuy vậy written byFonsicalled “Despacito lớn,” featuring Daddy Yankee & later remixed by Justin Bieber,thatjumpstarted the magical relationship that would soon become Latin music and streaming.


LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 26: Luis Fonmê man poses with his awards backstage at the 2018 Billboard Latin ... <+> Music Awards at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on April 26, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevadomain authority. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

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Fonmê mệt also credits social media as a place where Latin music can exp& and reach new audiences. For example, how the "Despacito (Remix)" reached a whole new generation just because Bieber featured on the traông xã.

opens that door lớn sort of introduce khổng lồ a new audience what Latin Music is all about, what my music is all about,” he said. “They know about the music và maybe they would be a little bit of afraid because of the language barrier."

In the opening letter of RIAA’s 2018 report,COO Michele Ballantynestated that Latin Music is experiencing a “renaissance.” While streaming services & social media have sầu become an important discovery tool for Latin music, Fontê mê said it’s important khổng lồ remember that Latin music and bi-lingual collaborations havealwaysbeen around (etc. Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan).

“Latin music has already been here & it"s not like we are re-discovering the wheel, butI think that music is in constant evolution and I bởi think that streaming has a lot to lớn vày with it,” saidFonđê mê. “There"s a really interesting movement within our own culture that"s bleeding over, for lachồng of a better term, inlớn different languages & cultures and countries. Streaming has helped us giới thiệu our happiness.”


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