My legs felt all wobbly when I stood up and I couldn"t walk in a straight line (= walk without moving to lớn the side while moving forward).

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For many television viewers the dividing line between fact & fiction is becoming increasingly blurred.
If you want khổng lồ air your opinions live sầu on the radio, the lines will be open (= you can phone) from eight o"cloông xã.

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a row of positions used khổng lồ defend against enemy attachồng, especially the ones closest khổng lồ enemy positions:
A line is a row of points that continues in both directions và is usually represented by a long thin mark.
A line is also a mark on a sports field which shows where things can or cannot happen, or which measures the field:
In football, the lines are the two front rows of opposing players who face one another at the start of a play:
a system of making goods in which a worker repeatedly does the same tasks on every cống phẩm và then passes it khổng lồ the next worker:
assembly/processing/production line Eight additional production lines were installed in the town"s only factory.
march/stand/wait in line If you don"t like standing in line, bởi vì your part to lớn make sure you"re an efficient customer.
khổng lồ start lớn officially agree with a plan or idea or to vị something in the same way as other people, organizations, companies, etc.:
These are simply clutching, greedy people who are just manipulating society at large to line their pockets.




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