Official KMSPiteo download site. Get KMSPiteo Windows 10 Activator và KMSPico 11 lớn activate Office 2016, Office 2019 & other Microsoft products.

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KMSPico is a tool that is used khổng lồ activate Windows và Microsoft Office using the KMS service, permanently for không tính phí.

This is the official KMS Piteo site.

KMS Pico is the genuine và most popular Windows Activator ever.

It can activate all Windows và Office editions without connecting lớn an online KMS or Key Management Server.


KMSPiteo Windows 11KMSPiteo Windows 10KMSPiteo Windows 8KMSPiteo Windows XPKMSPico Windows VistaKMSPiteo Windows 7Official KMSPico

KMSPico creates an emulated instance of a Key Management Service or KMS, within a personal computer using the localhost.

It replaces the Windows trial license with a Volume License Key.

It prevents Windows from connecting to lớn an online VPS for activation.

In this way, Windows remains activated forever.

KMSPico works in the same way as Microsoft KMS.

The only difference is that it works offline instead of connecting khổng lồ an online KMS Server.

Official KMSPico

KMSPico Office 2016 ActivatorKMSPiteo Office 2019 ActivatorKMSPiteo Office 2016 – KMSPico Office 2019

Turn off anti-virus or real-time protection from settings.

This tool is usually detected as a virus by the system, so Windows is not going lớn allow it to exedễ thương.

You have to keep the Anti-Virus off, during the installation process.

Once you downloaded the tool và extracted it, let’s now activate it.

Just clichồng on the Activate Button using the graphical user interface of the tool.

Booom… Your MS Office is successfully activated.

Okay… now you can kiểm tra it.

mở cửa Microsoft word.

It will not be showing the “activate now” watermark anymore.

Use it whenever you want.

It’s not going to lớn ask you to lớn activate it again.

KMSPiteo Setup Guide

It is very easy to lớn Uninstall KMSPiteo Completely from your computer.

You need to uninstall it completely from your computer, like any other software, at any time.

Locate the toolRight Clichồng on itSelect Uninstall.

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You have sầu two possibilities for Activating Windows License:

MAK or Multiple Activation KeyKMS or Key Management Service

Which variant is better for you? Let’s have a closer look at both of them.

Multiple Activation Key MAK

A certain number of licenses can be activated with this method.

For example, if you purchased 15 MS Office licenses, you can activate all of them with the provided product key.

In the MAK method, Every client, which is an individual PC has khổng lồ be activated separately.

This activation is done through the Microsoft activation VPS.

MAK requires an mạng internet connection for the product’s activation.

The advantage of this method is that it is permanently valid.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is very time-consuming.

Particularly if you have lớn carry out many activations at a time.

KIM SPiteo Key Management Service

KMS activation takes place through the internal network.

The individual clients have sầu no direct connection lớn Microsoft.

A KMS host takes care of this instead.

The individual clients connect khổng lồ the KMS host, và this host in turn connects with the Microsoft VPS for the activation.

This KMS activator tool is valid for 180 days.

After that, it needs to lớn be renewed.

Usually, this is done automatically.

For Office Activation, a minimum of 5 applications are required.

For servers & operating systems, a minimum number of 25 is required.

The advantage is that it is very quiông chồng & easy to carry out.

Especially if you have sầu many activations khổng lồ bởi, this is the method for you to activate your Microsoft products with ease.

KMSPiteo uses the same approach but without the limitations of the KMS activator.

You have sầu khổng lồ turn off Windows real-time protection before downloading & installing the tool.

Windows will delete the KMSPiteo file as soon as you extract it.

So lớn avoid this please turn off all antivi khuẩn programs before proceeding with the activation.

Windows Activation

Here in this section, we will guide you step by step lớn use KMSPico for a successful Windows và Office Activation.