Hey everyone! I"m here khổng lồ let you know about this amazing YouTube vlogger that will help you get to know more about beautiful và quality places to travel to lớn in Vietnam!

This vlogger is a Vietnamese local named Định Võ Hoài Phương who nicknames himself Khoai (sweet potato) & goes around showing beautiful places và food in Vietphái nam. Although this type of Clip is not quality, the places he goes lớn are.

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There"s tons of videos on YouTube from foreigners and locals alượt thích showcasing the wonders of Vietnam giới. However, I have sầu noticed that most go to the same places and showcase similar types of food (unless of course, you watch channels like Best Ever Food Đánh Giá Show with Sonny).

What is quality about Khoai Lang Thang is that he goes to lớn hidden places where some locals would not even go & definitely where foreigners would not. Although it"s fun khổng lồ see foreigners get a taste of Vietnam giới, it"s just as fun with a local.

The meaning of Khoai Lang Thang means wandering sweet potalớn so the name is punny, đáng yêu, creative sầu and perfectly suits the channel.


His videos are also of top notch unique & he has a wonderful personality, interacting with the people he meets along the way, is always positive, and he is decent at English, writing his own subtitles as well - though not many of his videos are subtitled.

Khoai phong is also quite handsome, with some fans pointing out the similarities between him & Isaac of 365daband.

Khoách has been written about in several articles and has been on TV in Vietnam và seems to lớn be a well recognized YouTube personality. However, he only has about 300,000 subscribers as of this post và the majority of his commenters are Vietnamese.

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NVS Khoách lang thang với hành trình tò mò du lịch, ẩm thực

Besides Vietnam, he"s also done videos abroad in Spain and in Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, among others.

Even if you can"t underst& the language, his videos are extremely entertaining khổng lồ watch from his personality, the cinematography, & the food, his channel is a must watch.

He puts so much effort into lớn his videos và he truly enjoys it. My personal favorite đoạn phim of his is his trip to lớn the outskirts of Đà Lạt. It"s very peaceful và the cinematography is just wonderful.


How did I come across his videos? Well, my dad has been on a binge watch recently where all he watches on YouTube these days is anything related to Vietphái mạnh - specifically foreigners travelling around Vietnam giới & their first experience to lớn the food. Currently, his favorite channels are The Best Ever Food nhận xét Show and Khoách Lang Thang (my dad speaks và understands both English và Vietnamese, so he is bilingual) and I"ve sầu got to lớn say, these has also become my favorite food and travel vlog channels as well.

I hope you give Khoai phong a try despite the laông xã of subtitles and if you do, vị tell me your thoughts in the comments below!








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