1. The first time I went to lớn America is ten years ago.2. I went to America for the first time ten years ago.The use of for the first time is what I found on google, but I don’t know, that sounds a little weird lớn me.

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The first time I went to America WAS ten years ago. I would use “I first went lớn America ten years ago”. –user61088 Sep 8 "17 at 0:00
It needs to lớn be "the first time I went to lớn America WAS ten years ago". Otherwise, both sentences are perfectly correct. The alternatives suggested in the comments here are also correct, but might not be the right way lớn arrange the sentence in certain contexts. Not all the alternatives have sầu the same connotation as your examples. –filistinist Sep 8 "17 at 0:44
The first time I went lớn America is ten years ago. Example #1 here has one mistake -- The event of you going khổng lồ America occurred in the past, & so the verb "is" must be conjugated in the past tense. Therefore:

The first time I went to America was ten years ago.

...và as for the other example:

I went to lớn America for the first time ten years ago.

This is actually correct.

Consider the following as an introductory sentence structure, as wcsmaritimo-online.com:

Ten years ago, I went to America for the first time.

EDIT: Thanks to lớn Edwin Ashworth for the point-out/correction.

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answered Sep 8 "17 at 0:00

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How not so? Can you show the difference in meaning or nuance between these two sentences? –psosuna Sep 8 "17 at 0:50
That was a good example. Thank you, I actually hadn't thought of that! I'll edit my answer to reflect this –psosuna Sep 8 "17 at 19:06
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Example 1 is not correct because of the presence of the past adverbial phrase ten years ago, just like He is in America ten years ago is not correct.

In the sentence, the subject is the clause The first time I went lớn America; the predicate complement is ten years ago which is also a past adverbial referring baông chồng to went, the verb in the subject clause. So, the verb should be was to lớn go with the past adverbial.

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The sentenced can be rephrased in the present tense with the use of since.

It has been ten years since I went to lớn America for the first time.

The example 2, I went khổng lồ America for the first time ten years ago is grammatical.

A similar discussion is here on the csmaritimo-online.com csmaritimo-online.com.

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answered Sep 8 "17 at 2:44

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The sentence with the use of since is more like empathizing that ten years has gone, isn’t it? –ryuu Sep 8 "17 at 3:23
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