in part

Partially; not entirely. My decision khổng lồ resign was motivated, in part, by the need khổng lồ spend more time with my family.See also: part

in part

partly; to lớn a lesser degree or extent. I was not there, in part because of my disagreement about the purpose of the meeting. I also had a previous appointment. I hope lớn win, in part because I want the prize money. in particular specifically; especially. I"m not going anywhere in particular. Of the three ideas, there is one I lượt thích in particular.See also: part

in part

Also, in large or small part . To some extent, not wholly, somewhat. For example, We didn"t get khổng lồ Chicago, in part because we didn"t have sầu time, or Jerry was the one to lớn blame, in large part because he was the one who hired the contractor, or The attorney himself was in small part responsible for this witness. See also: part

in ˈpart

partly; to lớn some extent: Her success was due in part to lớn luck. OPPOSITE: in fullSee also: part

in part

To some extent; partly.See also: partSee also:

in part

lớn some extent, partly I think the reason he is not golfing well this year is in part due khổng lồ his problem with his back.

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in part|part


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phr. To some extent; partly; not wholly. Often used with "large" or "small". We planted the garden in pan with flowers. But in large part we planted vegetables. Tom was only in small part responsible.

in particular

especially特别地;尤其是I remember one of them in particular.我特别记住了他们之中的一位。I am interested in stories in general,& in detective sầu stories in particular.我总的来说对小说感兴趣,尤其是对侦探小说感兴趣。Are you doing anything in particular tonight?你今晚有什么特别的事要做吗?There are so many books here.Why vị you lượt thích that one in particular?这里有这么多书,你为什么特别喜欢那一本?

in particular|particular

adv. phr. In a way apart from others; more than others; particularly; especially. The speaker talked about sports in general and about football In particular. All the boys played well và Bill in particular. Margaret liked all her classes, but she liked sewing class in particular. Antonym: IN GENERAL.
in opposition khổng lồ somebody/something in orbit in order in order for (someone or something) to lớn (bởi vì something) in order that in order to (vị something) in order to lớn bởi in order lớn vì chưng something in ordinary in other words in our, their, its, etc. midst in over (one's) head in over head in over one's head in over one's head, to lớn be in over your head in overdrive sầu in own right in own way in pairs in paper in parallel in parenthesis in pari delicto in park in part in particular in passing in pawn in pencil in perpetuity in person in perspective in petlớn in phase in phase (with someone or something) in phase/out of phase in place in place of in place of (someone or something) in place of (something) in place of somebody/something in plain English in plain language in plain view in play in pocket in point in point of in point of fact in pole position in one"s right mind in one"s shell in one"s shoes in one"s tracks in one"s way in order in order lớn in part in particular in passing in person in place in plain English in poor shape in print in private in progress
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