móc nối Một tính năng của phần mềm hoặc phần cứng được đưa vào để cho các lập trình viên hoặc những người yêu thích có thể bổ sung thêm các tính năng vào thiết kế riêng của họ.

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Ví dụ Microsoft Word for Microsoft Windows có các hook được nạp vào, để cho phép một chuyên gia nào đó có thể tạo ra các hộp hội thoại theo yêu cầu khách hàng, nên phát triển rộng rãi các chức năng của các chương trình ứng dụng đặt biệt.

hook hook (hk) noun1.a. A curved or sharply bent device, usually of metal, used to catch, drag, suspend, or fasten something else. b. A fishhook.2.Something shaped like a hook, especially: a. A curved or barbed plant or animal part. b. A short angled or curved line on a letter. c. A sickle.3.a. A sharp bend or curve, as in a river. b. A point or spit of land with a sharply curved end.4.A means of catching or ensnaring; a trap. 5.Slang. a. A means of attracting interest or attention; an enticement: a sales hook. b. Music. A catchy motif or refrain: "sugary hard rock melodies ear candy hooks" (Boston Globe).6.Sports. a. A short swinging blow in boxing delivered with a crooked arm. b. A golf stroke that sends the ball to the left of a right-handed player or to the right of a left-handed player. c. In surfing, the lip of a breaking wave.7.Baseball. A curve ball. 8.Basketball. A hook shot. verbhooked, hooking, hooksverb, transitive1.a. To catch, suspend, or connect with a hook. b. Informal. To snare.

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c. Slang. To steal; snatch. See synonyms at steal. 2.To fasten by or as if by a hook. 3.To pierce or gore with or as if with a hook. 4.Slang. a. To take strong hold of; captivate: a novel that hooked me on the very first page. b. To cause to become addicted.5.To make (a rug) by looping yarn through canvas with a type of hook. 6.Sports. a. To hit with a hook in boxing. b. To hit (a golf ball) in a hook.7.Baseball. To pitch (a ball) with a curve. 8.Basketball. To shoot (a ball) in a hook shot. verb, intransitive1.To bend like a hook. 2.To fasten by means of a hook or a hook and eye. 3.Slang. To work as a prostitute. phrasal verb.hook up1.To assemble or wire (a mechanism). 2.To connect a mechanism and a source of power. 3.Slang. To form a tie or connection: hooked up with the wrong crowd. idiom.by hook or by crookBy whatever means possible, fair or unfair. get the hook SlangTo be unceremoniously dismissed or terminated. hook, line, and sinker InformalWithout reservation; completely: swallowed the excuse hook, line, and sinker. off the hook InformalFreed, as from blame or a vexatious obligation: let me off the hook with a mild reprimand. on (one"s) own hookBy one"s own efforts.