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The super notes alsorequire special "hi-tech" paper và special ink made only by a tiny number of producers.
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Everywhere you look you can find brilliantly quirky accessories khổng lồ hide your gadgets in, and now this quirkiness is being used khổng lồ hide the hi-tech.
Who could ask for more from an evening"s entertainment: powerful love story, awesome musical, hi-tech production và humor?
Adeptly substituting inventive sầu production design and costuming for hi-tech special effects, the filmmakers craft a thoroughly relatable small-scale sci-fi epic.
In today"s tìm kiếm for renewable energy sources, researchers are turning khổng lồ the hi-tech, from solar và hydroren fuel cells, và the very low-tech.
So how does that explain the recent glut of lo-fi adverts, software, & user interfaces that seem lớn be being spewed out by so-called hi-tech companies?

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Its hi-tech economy is the largest, và as a chia sẻ of total economy, on a par with the best of the rest.
Traditional techniques and domestic animals were always favored, along with the lademo hi-tech research equipment.




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