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One granddaughter is the daughter of the co-resident son whose wife left him soon after the child"s birth.
Relationships within these clusters often fall within the range expected for second order maternal relations, such as aunts/nieces and grandmothers / granddaughters.
For each granddaughter we have khổng lồ calculate the sample variance of observed birth weights within one litter.
Several of the widowed or divorced men lived with a daughter, daughter-in-law or granddaughter và were thereby assured of care should they need it.
Indeed, one recently widowed woman who had raised a granddaughter và tended her siông chồng husband for a number of years, voiced this opinion quite clearly.
Sometimes a grandfather takes advantage of his granddaughter, sometimes it"s the uncle or the father.
nguồn of daughter and granddaughter designs for determining linkage between marker loci and quantitative trait loci in dairy cattle.
The carers interviewed comprised three daughters, one son (who chose to lớn be interviewed with his spouse), one granddaughter & one spouse.
Restricted maximum likelihood analysis of linkage between genetic markers và quantitative sầu trait loci for a granddaughter thiết kế.
In a granddaughter design, marker genotypes are available on elite sires & their sons và trait phenotypes are observed on daughters of sons.
For instance, in nu-dake-u-ni-ma-pe " my granddaughters " (nu-dake- " my grandchild ") the categories feminine & plural are marked twice.

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