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Have sầu you ever come across a situation where your Windows 10 system has gone slow or unresponsive at times? The main cause for this could be due to high disk usage. The issue seems to be affecting the users after the recent Windows 10 version 1809. What causes this issue? You should be able khổng lồ kiểm tra it through the task manager on your Windows 10.

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Let us check out what causes the 100 % disk usage error and how khổng lồ resolve sầu it in today’s post.

What is 100% Disk Usage Error?

Well, your computer or laptop gets extremely unresponsive sầu và struggles to bởi even the simplest of the tasks. It is almost impossible lớn use. In such a circumstance, if you launch Task Manager, you would find that it shows a 100% full disk space.


This would simply mean that your hard drive sầu or the system drive is put khổng lồ the maximum use, & it struggles lớn work through the processes. You would continue to get the 100% disk usage even when cthua kém all the programs. That would specifically mean something on your computer is making your hard drive or disk lớn overwork.

What can cause a 100% Disk usage error?

Several reasons can cause a 100% disk usage on your system. It can be an incorrect virtual memory thiết lập, any physical issue with your hard drive; a stopped Windows service, virus or malware attack, & a few other reasons which may be difficult to lớn explain.

That isn’t all. Some users tkết thúc to blame Google Chrome and Skype for causing a few unwanted high disk usage on their devices. The simplest solution would be to lớn pinpoint the exact reason that causes high disk usage & then troubleshoot it. Moreover, the difficult part is how khổng lồ find the precise component that causes it!

How to fix Windows 10 Disk Usage 100% on startup?

Depending upon what exactly is causing the 100% disk usage on your system, the fixes would vary. Now that it is quite impossible to lớn find the exact reasons that cause the issue, it may be necessary to check out all the repairs one by one.

Fix 1 – Change Feedback và Diagnostic data


Windows 10 continually sends data lớn Microsoft khổng lồ provide you with a personalized experience. By default, the diagnostic service is designed lớn send the full diagnostic data. You can change it to basic to reduce the data and perhaps the disk usage.

Here is how you would vày it –

Launch Windows 10 SettingsChoose Privacy groupingOn the left side menu bar, select Feedbaông xã, and DiagnosticsUnder the option, Diagnostic Data on the right side choose the Basic radio button.

Check if this fix resolves the high disk usage issue on your hard drive sầu.

Fix 2 – Disable Windows Tips

Windows 10 system comes with an option to lớn display tips and tricks. This can be quite useful for those users who are new to lớn Windows 10, or lớn the computer system. Some users have claimed that Windows Tips can generate heavy data usage.

You can turn off the Windows Tips by following the steps here below –

Launch Windows Settings once again.Choose the System groupingOn the left side menu bar, choose Notifications và ActionsUnder Notifications, locate the option Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows và uncheck it.

This can help you get rid of the issues concerning the 100% disk usage.

Fix 3 – Disable Windows Search

Disabling the Windows Search can also be helpful enough in addressing the 100% disk usage issues. Though it may not be the factor that initiates the problem actually, it can as well contribute to lớn aggravating it. It can start creating tìm kiếm loops & thus generate a disk usage error.

Here is how you can achieve the task –

Launch Command Prompt on your computer.Make sure you have launched it as an administrator.Type in the commvà here below –

net.exe stop “Windows search.”


Chechồng if the issue has been resolved. Please note that restarting your Windows system will restart the tìm kiếm functionality.

You can permanently disable the Windows Search functionality. Here are the steps you can follow –

Launch RUN dialog box. You can bởi so by pressing Windows key and R simultaneously.Type in services.msc và cliông xã OKLocate Windows Search option & double clichồng on it to enter Properties for Windows Search.Change the Startup Type to lớn ‘Disabled‘Cliông chồng on Apply và then OK

This will permanently disable the Windows Search option. Chechồng if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 4 – Disable the SuperFetch service

The SuperFetch functionality will help you lets you decrease the boot time by loading the must load programs faster. However, it has been found to lớn affect the disk performance in Windows 8 or higher operating system versions.

Here is how you can stop the service on your Windows 10 –

Launch Command Prompt as an administrator.Type in the command here below

net.exe cộ stop superfetch


Fix 5 – Cheông chồng the Disk Health

The CHKDSK utility can help check the integrity of your disks. A malfunctioning drive sầu can be one of the reasons that can cause a 100% disk usage. The inbuilt check disk utility can be helpful enough to check and repair your disk.

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You can check out the following steps lớn address the issue –

Launch Command Prompt Once again.Type in the commvà here below & press ENTER

chkdsk.exe pháo /f /r

Confirm by typing Y when you are prompted to lớn confirm if you want to take up the disk checkup next time Windows boots up.Reboot your device và let the disk checkup continue.

Once the check is complete and you are onto the Windows 10 startup page, you can kiểm tra if the 100% disk usage issue has been resolved.

Fix 6 – Reset Your Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory would use your hard disk as RAM và use it for running a host of programs. Incorrectly configured virtual memory can cause your system to lớn run into 100% disk usage error. One of the significant culprits would be the pagetệp tin.sys file. Resetting your virtual memory can help you address the concern effectively.

Here are the steps you can use for resetting the Virtual memory –

Launch Control Panel. Go khổng lồ System optionOn the left-h& side, locate Advanced System Settings & cliông chồng on it.Move sầu to the Advanced tabUnder the Performance section, clichồng on settingsCliông chồng on Advanced tab once again on this dialog box.Under Virtual Memory section, hit changeMake sure the option Automatically manage paging file kích cỡ for all drives is unchecked.Choose your system drive & configure the maximum and initial kích cỡ as per your preferences.Once you have sầu phối the values, cliông chồng on Set and then OK

Reboot your Windows system và kiểm tra if the 100% disk usage issue has been resolved.

Fix 7 – Chechồng Your Google Chrome & Skype Settings

A specific combination of settings on Google Chrome & Skype have sầu been observed khổng lồ be affecting the disk performance. Taking care of these settings can help you address the 100% disk usage error adequately.

Check out these steps –

Go inlớn your Google Chrome Settings.Cliông xã on advancedUnder the Privacy và Security settings, locate the option Preload pages for faster browsing và searchingDisable it.

Next on, check the settings for Skype. The following steps may be useful –

Launch Windows Explorer.Move to lớn the folder C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneRight-click on Skype.exe cộ.Choose Properties from the context menuNext, open the Security tab & then choose EditChechồng the option for ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES & check the box for WRITE.Cliông xã on Apply and OK to lớn save sầu Settings.

Find if the 100% disk usage issue is resolved.

Fix 8 – Change the Options in File Explorer

Changing the File Explorer settings can be an excellent option to lớn resolve the issue of 100% disk usage error. You can find the steps involved here below.

Launch the File Explorer on Windows 10.Navigate to the View and then OptionsOn Folder Options dialog box, clichồng on the Search tab & then uncheck the following options

Include compressed files (ZIP.., CAB…)

Always tìm kiếm file names and contents (this might take several minutes)

Cliông xã Apply và OK.

That does it. Cheông chồng if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 9 – Install the latest SATA drivers

Windows 10 laptops & computers use the SATA connectors for the hard drives & optical drives. You can nâng cấp the drivers khổng lồ fix the issue with your SATA drives. Here is how you would be able khổng lồ bởi it –

Launch Device ManagerExpand the Storage Controllers Right-click on the controller & cliông chồng on Update Driver. Choose the driver Standard AHCI Controller

You can reboot the computer for the changes lớn take effect. This should effectively fix the 100% disk usage on your Windows 10 computer.

In Conclusion

Those were a few tips that should help you take care of your hard drive & assist you in resolving the 100% disk usage issues on your computer. Ideally speaking, you should never get 100% disk usage on your system. If the problem is not resolved, it could well be an indication that the computer may be facing hardware issues. The most comtháng culprit in such a case would be the hard drive sầu.

Cheông chồng if any of these fixes address the concern you are facing with the 100% disk usage.

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