MONSTAR Members Profiles and FactsMONSTAR is a Vietnamese Pop (VPop) 5 member group under ST.319 Entertainment. The group originally debuted as a 3 member group that consisted of Nicky, Key & Erik with the tuy vậy “#BABYBABY”. At the beginning of 2017 the member Erik left the group & in 2018 Grey-DJ were added as new members while Zino only debuted in 2019.


MONSTAR Fandom Name: MoonbeeMONSTAR Official Fan Color:

monstar.st319VLive: MONSTAR from ST.319


MONSTAR Members Profiles:NickyStage Name: NickyReal Name: Trần Phong HàoPositions: Leader, Rapper, Main DancerBirthday: March 6, 1995Zodiac Sign: PiscesHeight: 173 cm (5’8″)Weight: 63 kilogam (139 lbs)Instagram:

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Nicky Facts:– He was born in Ho Chi Minch, Vietnam– He used khổng lồ have an YouTube channel where he made funny videos before joining MONSTAR. His videos could reach over 500,000 views– He can speak Vietnamese, English & Korean (Instagram)– He is a huge Kpop fan– He’s friends with Jackson from GOT7 (Instagram)– He said his favorite things about Jackson are his passion, his hardworking personality & that he’s easy lớn be comfortable around (Instagram)– His favorite food is ice cream (VLive)– His favorite fruit is watermelon, followed by mango và peach respectively (Instagram)– His favorite Kpop groups are 2PM, GOT7, BTS và BLACKPINK (Instagram)– He cursed high school in trung học phổ thông Kyên ổn Liên (Facebook)– In 2013 he started studying in the Vietnamese university Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân (Facebook)– He’s studying Economy– He is the moodmaker of the group– His favorite Occidental singer is Shawn Mendes– The things he likes bởi vì khổng lồ when he’s stressed are eating ice cream, listening to lớn music và gaming– He is closest lớn Zino (Vlive)– He’s currently playing LOL (League of Legends), PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Pokemon GO (Instagram)– He said he likes lớn receive love, attention & letters in his birthday– He has tattoos all over his bachồng but hasn’t shown them or said how many he has yet

JStage Name: JReal Name: Phạm Tiến ĐạtPositions: Main VocalBirthday: September 28, 1995Zodiac Sign: LibraHeight: N/AWeight: N/AInstagram:

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monstar_jjjjYouTube: J MONSTAR

J Facts:– He was born in Vietnam– He has a YouTube channel where he make some covers– He was added in the promotions for “Giữ Lấy Làm Gì”– When he was added the group was known as MONST4R– He likes Harry Potter (Instagram)– Fans said that J was a huge help for Grey-D when it comes lớn vocals– He’s good at writing– He likes BLACKPINK (Vlive)– Even though he has a svào appearence he has a dễ thương side in him– He has a tattoo at the upperside of his left hand– His favorite Occidental artist is Justin Bieber (Instagram)

ZinoStage Name: ZinoReal Name: Ngô Nguim BìnhPositions: VocalistBirthday: July 7, 1996Zodiac Sign: CancerHeight: N/AWeight: N/AInstagram:

Zino Facts:– He was born in Ho Chi Minc, Vietnam– He’s the wrost at foreign languages but it’s trying to learn English và Korean (VLive)– Fans say that he’s the gentler of the group (VLive)– He has a tattoo on his right arm– He doesn’t like his tattoo and say that it’s a youth mistake (VLive)– He is the laziest when it comes to shower (VLive)– He is the thành viên with the darkest skin– He’s the baby of the group– He wants to participate in the Korean variety show “Running Man” (VLive)– He’s favorite colors are blachồng và white– He is người of the Kpop groups A.C.E and BLACKPINK

KeyStage Name: KeyReal Name: Võ Trần Thái TrungPositions: Main Rapper, Visual, DancerBirthday: August 22, 1996Zodiac Sign: LeoHeight: 180 centimet (5’11″)Weight: 65 kilogam (143 lbs)Instagram:

Key Facts:– He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam– He has a shy personality & even with that he can easily get along with someone– He’s the thành viên with most female fans because of his young appeareance– His own favorite feature is his smile– He likes to lớn dress up– He can speak Korean, Vietnamese & a bit of English (Instagram)– He sees himself as the big brother of the group– Members said that he can’t hide his feelings (VLive)– Hes the the tallest member– He has two cats (Instagram)– After meeting groups in Korean, he became a fan of B1A4 và Yuju from GFRIEND

Grey-DStage Name: Grey-DReal Name: Đoàn Thế LânPositions: Main Vocacác mục, Dancer, YoungestBirthday: November 4, 2000Zodiac Sign: ScorpioHeight: N/AWeight: N/AInstagram:

Grey-D Facts:– He was born in Vietnam– He can speak Vietnamese & English– He’s the main composer of the group– He participated in the Vietnamese reality show called “Sing My Song Vietnam” that aimed lớn find the best artist who can sing & compose– He was announced as a member in 2017 but because of the reality show he only debuted officially in January of 2018– Because he didn’t debut with Nicky, Key & Erik, he wasn’t considered the youngest thành viên at that time– His passion is sing– He can play the guitar as well as other instruments

Former Member:Erik

Stage Name: ErikReal Name: Lê Trung ThànPositions: Main Vocal, YoungestBirthday: October 13, 1997Zodiac Sign: LibraHeight: 177 centimet (5’10″)Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)Instagram:

Erik Facts:– He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam– Before debuting in MONSTAR, he already head a solo career– He won many awards like “Green Wave sầu Awards”, “Yan Vpop 20 Music Award” & “Zing Music Award”– His sexual orientation is gay– He left the group in 2017 for personal reasons– His family did not support him in his dreams– He was the first member to lớn be recruited for MONSTAR– Now he’s continuing his solo career in another another company– At the beginning Erik and Nicky didn’t get along well

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