drop dead


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verb To die suddenly. Brett always seemed so healthy—I"m shocked that he dropped dead at age 55.2. rude slang An expression of dismissal và contempt for someone. I"m not cleaning up your mess! Drop dead!3. adjective sầu Spectacularly or sensationally striking, impressive, or awe-inspiring. Used before a noun. In this usage, if is often hyphenated. To flaunt his success, he always shows up in a flashy car with a drop-dead beauty in the passenger seat. She strode into lớn the room wearing a drop-dead dress that made every head turn.4.

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adjective Rudely dismissive sầu or disdainful. Used before a noun. In this usage, if is often hyphenated. The politician eventually tempered his drop-dead attitude, indicating that he was willing khổng lồ work with the groups that had been protesting his proposed legislation.5. adverb Sensationally; spectacularly; outstandingly. Used before an adjective. In this usage, if is often hyphenated. He was kind of a pudgy, dorky looking kid in high school, but I just saw hyên at the reunion and he is drop-dead gorgeous now!See also: dead, drop

Drop dead!

exclam. No!; Beat it!; Go away và don’t bother me! I don’t care. Just drop dead! See also: dropSee also:

Drop dead!

go away and be quiet, stop bothering someone I told hyên ổn lớn drop dead when he came inlớn my room & now he is angry at me.
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