Bài này có các câu bài bác tập về dạng bị động được phân một số loại theo từng loại câu góp học sinh rèn luyện về dạng kỹ năng này một cách tác dụng rộng.

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I. Chuyển những câu sau lịch sự câu bị động

1. Mary types letters in the office.

2. His father will help you tomorrow.

3. Science & giải pháp công nghệ have sầu completely changed human life.

4. Peter broke this bottle.

5. They are learning English in the room.

6. Nothing can change my mind.

7. No one had told me about it.

8. I don’t know her telephone number

9. My students will bring the children home page.

10. They sent me a present last week.

11. She gave sầu us more information.

12. The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plan.

13. They can’t make tea with cold water.

14. Sometoàn thân has taken some of my books away.

15. They will hold the meeting before May Day.

16. They have sầu lớn repair the engine of the oto.

17. The boys broke the window & took away some pictures.

18. People spover a lot of money on advertising every day.

19. Teacher is going to lớn tell a story.

trăng tròn. Mary is cutting a cake with a sharp knife.

21. The children looked at the woman with a red hat.

22. They have provided the victims with food and clothing.

23. People speak English in almost every corner of the world.

24. You mustn’t use this machine after 5:30 p.m.

25. After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board.

II. Chuyển các thắc mắc dạng hòn đảo Có/Không thanh lịch câu bị động

26. Do they teach English here?

27. Will you invite her to your wedding party?

28. Has Tom finished the work?

29. Did the teacher give some exercises?

30. Have sầu they changed the window of the laboratory?

31. Is she going to lớn write a poem?

32. Is she making big cakes for the party?

33. Are the police making inquires about the thief?

34. Must we finish the chạy thử before ten?

35. Will buses bring the children home?

36. Have sầu you finished your homework?

III. Chuyển các câu hỏi ban đầu bằng từ bỏ hỏi “H/WH” sau thanh lịch câu bị động

37. Why didn’t they help him?

38. How many games has the team played?

39. Where vày people speak English?

40. Who are they keeping in the kitchen?

41. How can they open this safe?

42. What books are people reading this year?

43. How did the police find the lost man?

44. Who look after the children for you?

45. How long have they waited for the doctor?

46. What time can the boys h& in their papers?

47. Who lkết thúc you this book?

48. How many marks does the teacher give sầu you?

IV. Chuyển các câu có 2 tân ngữ sau lịch sự câu bị động

49. They paid me a lot of money khổng lồ vị the job.

50. The teacher gave sầu each of us two exercise books.

51. Someone will tell hyên ổn that news.

52. They have sent enough money to lớn those poor boys.

53. They have sầu given the women in most countries in the world the right to vote.

V. Chuyển những câu cùng với đụng trường đoản cú trần thuật sau quý phái câu bị động

54. They think that he has died a natural death.

55. Some people believe sầu that 13 is an unlucky number.

56. They say that John is the brighkiểm tra student in class.

57. They reported that the President had suffered a heart attaông chồng.

58. I knew that they had told hlặng of the meeting.

59. They declared that she won the competition.

60. They rumored the man was still living.

61. People think that Jaông xã London’s life & writing’s represent the American love sầu of adventure.

62. They reported that the troops were coming.

63. People believed that the earth stood still.

VI. Chuyển những câu cùng với đụng từ bỏ chỉ thừa nhận thức sau lịch sự câu bị động

64. I have heard her sing this song several times.

65. People saw hyên ổn steal your oto.

66. The teacher is watching the work.

67. He won’t let you vày that silly thing again.

68. People don’t make the children work hard.

69. They made hyên work all day.

70. The detective sầu saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag.

71. The terrorists made the hostages lie down.

72. Police advise drivers to lớn use an alternative sầu route.

73. She helps me lớn vày all these difficult exercises.

VII. Cho dạng đúng của đụng tự trong ngoặc

74. Toshiteo had her oto (repair) by a mechanic.

75. Ellen got Marvin (type) her paper.

76. We got our house (paint) last week.

77. Dr Byrd is having the students (write ) a composition.

78. Mark got his transcripts (send) to lớn the university.

79. Maria is having her hair (cut) tomorrow.

80. Will Mr. Brown have the porter (carry) his luggage lớn his car?



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1. Letters are typed in the office by Mary.

2. You’ll be helped by his father tomorrow.

3. The human life has completely been changed with science and technology.

4. This bottle was broken by Peter.

5. English is being learnt in the room.

6. My mind can’t be changed.

7. I hadn’t been told about it.

8. Her telephone number isn’t known.

9. The children will be brought home by my students.

10. I was sent a present last week.

11. We were given more information.

12. All the workers of the plan were being instructed by the chief engineer.

13. Tea can’t be made with cold water.

14. Some of my books have sầu been taken away.

15. The meeting will be held before May Day.

16. The engine of the car has to lớn be repaired.

17. The window was broken và some pictures were taken away by the boys.

18. A lot of money is spent on advertising every day.

19. A story is going to be told by teacher.

đôi mươi. A cake is being cut with a sharp knife by Mary.

21. The woman with a red hat was looked at by the children.

22. The victims have sầu been provided with food & clothing.

23. English is spoken in almost every corner of the world.

24. This machine mustn’t be used after 5:30 p.m.

25. After class, the chalk board is always erased by one of the students.


26. Is English taught here?

27. Will she be invited khổng lồ your wedding party?

28. Has the work been finished by Tom?

29. Were some exercises given by the teacher?

30. Has the window of the laboratory been changed?

31. Is a poem going lớn be written?

32. Are big cakes being made for the party?

33. Are inquires about the thief being made by the police?

34. Must the kiểm tra be finished before ten?

35. Will the children be brought home with buses?

36. Has your homework been finished?


37. Why wasn’t he helped?

38. How many games have sầu been played by the team?

39. Where is English spoken?

40. Who are being kept in the kitchen?

41. How can this be opened safe?

42. What books are being read this year?

43. How was the lost man found by the police?

44. By whom are the children looked after for you?

45. How long has the doctor been waited for?

46. What time can their papers be handed in by the boys?

47. By whom is this book lent?

48. How many marks are given to lớn you by the teacher?


49. I was paid a lot of money to lớn vày the job.

50. Each of us was given two exercise books by the teacher.

51. He will be told that news.

52. Those poor boys have been sent enough money.

53. The women in most countries in the world have been given the right khổng lồ vote.


54. He is thought khổng lồ have sầu died a natural death.

55. 13 is believed to be an unlucky number.

56. John is said to lớn be the brighchạy thử student in class.

57. The President was reported khổng lồ have sầu suffered a heart attaông chồng.

58. They were known lớn have told hyên of the meeting.

59. She was declared khổng lồ win the competition.

60. The man was rumored to be still living.

61. Jaông chồng London’s life và writing is thought khổng lồ represent the American love of adventure.

62. The troops were reported lớn be coming.

63. The earth was believed lớn st& still.


64. She has been heard lớn sing this song several times.

65. He was seen lớn steal your car.

66. The work is being watched by the teacher.

67. You won’t be let to lớn do that silly thing again.

68. The children are made to work hard.

69. He was made to work all day.

70. The woman was seen putting the jewelry in her bag by the detective sầu.

71. The hostages were made to lie down by the terrorists.

72. Drivers are advised khổng lồ use an alternative sầu route by police.

73. I am helped lớn vì all these difficult exercises.


74. repaired

75. to lớn type

76. painted

77. write

78. sent

79. cut

80. carry

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