Avast Premier is cheaper than it was last year at $70 instead of $80, but it's still one of the more high-priced suites out there.

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Our Verdict

Avast Premier is a well-respected antivi khuẩn suite with some highly rated protection. The suite is very well organized, easy lớn understvà, & comes with a good number of extra features. It’s really expensive, however, at $70 just lớn cover a single PC.

There are few mainstream antivirus suites that are as expensive as Avast Premier. Current pricing for this suite is $70 for a single PC for a year. For five PCs, that price jumps khổng lồ $135. It’s crazy expensive compared to Norton or McAfee, both of which cover 10 devices for about $30 less. On the other hand, you vày get a solid suite for Avast’s price, with a good number of extra tools và utilities.


Avast Premier 2019’s Do Not Disturb Mode.

Do Not Disturb does its work automatically in the background so there’s no need to lớn activate the feature; however, you can also add programs manually to lớn the Do Not Disturb danh mục by going to lớn Performance > Do Not Disturb Mode > Add A New App.

This menu still requires that the listed apps are in fullscreen. If you need a quiông xã vì not disturb mode without a fullscreen tiện ích, right-clichồng on the Avast symbol in the system tray & select Silent Mode. That won’t silence third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps, but it will keep Avast itself from bothering you.


Avast Premier 2019’s Chip Core Shields settings.

Two new additions to lớn this section are Vi xử lý Core Shields, which lets you turn on and off specific aspects of Avast’s protection including tệp tin protection, behavioral analysis, protection from web threats, and mail scanning. The Virus Chest, meanwhile, is Avast Premier’s version of the quarantine section.

Moving on to lớn Privacy in the left-h& rail, you’ve got the Data Shredder, a built-in password manager, và SecureLine VPN, as usual. lưu ý that SecureLine requires an extra subscription cost for Avast Premier users.

There’s also now a Webcam Shield in this section that blocks the webcam from use by shady applications. You can set it to lớn three different settings: Smart, Strict, & No Mercy. The first option allows trusted apps lớn use the webcam và everything else has to ask. Strict requires an app to ask your permission no matter what, and No Mercy locks the webcam down completely.

There’s also a new anti-tracking feature in the Privacy section, but like the SecureLine VPN it costs extra.

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Avast Driver Updater.

AV-Test’s most recent look at Avast was in July và August when it analyzed Avast Free. During those tests, the protection against zero-day and website và email threats was 99.2 percent in July and 100 percent in August based on 275 samples. The larger “widepsread và prevalent malware” chạy thử with nearly đôi mươi,000 samples had a score of 99.9 and 100 percent in July và August, respectively.

These tests happened before Avast’s 2019 products came out, và while they offer similar detection capabilities, some of the newer features are missing. We’ll update this section once newer scores are made available.

AV-Comparatives offers more recent scores but still came out before Avast 2019’s October release. In its real-world protection demo for September 2018, Avast Free had a 100 percent block rate with no false positives, a fantastic score based on 197 chạy thử cases. For the larger malware protection kiểm tra using nearly 12,000 test cases, Avast Free had a 99 percent offline & online detection rate, a 100 percent online protection rate, & five sầu false alarms.


Avast Premier’s Protection section.

For our in-house performance tests, Avast remains an excellent choice when you’re looking to avoid too much ức chế on system resources. Before Avast Premier was installed, the thử nghiệm PC using PC Mark 8 scored 2,436. With Avast Premier running and after a full system scan that number went up to lớn 2,459. Bigger is better in this test và that’s a pretty good improvement over a bare Windows 10 system—a comtháng theme we’ve seen with these tests over the last year.

For the HandBrake chạy thử, without Avast Premier installed, the test PC completed the job of converting a 3.8GB 1080p MKV tệp tin lớn the Android preset in one hour và 15 minutes. With Avast Premier running, & after a full system scan, that time went up lớn one hour và 16 minutes. That’s a slight uptick but nothing khổng lồ get worried about except for maybe low-end PCs under very heavy loads.


Avast Premier 2019 is a solid security suite with some good extra features such as the webcam blocker & the improved Do Not Disturb mode. I’m not so sure the improved anti-phishing feature is as good as it should be, as its results were mixed in my brief experience with the feature. Still, the testing houses give Avast high marks và overall the company has a great reputation as a strong security product.

The bigger issue, then, is that price. So many other suites cover more devices for less. You can get Avira Prime, for example, for $130 to cover up khổng lồ 25 devices with all the bells & whistles. A similarly priced plan for Avast Premier covers just five sầu devices, và you’ll still have lớn pay for some of the extra utilities on top of that.