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We offer ultra-light virus definition updates – with a footprint so small it doesn’t slow you down & hog your system’s resources.


Security made in Germany is a thành viên of IT Security Made in Germany—synonymous with unique & respect for your privacy. We don’t monitor what you vì chưng nor mô tả your private info with 3rd parties.


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To stay ahead, our multi-layered security harnesses the power of cloud technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. And as all the analysis happens on our over, you get top protection with minimal system impact.


What is ransomware?

There are two types of ransomware: crypto-ransomware that encrypts files (rendering them unreadable), & screen-locking ransomware that locks the home screen. In both cases, the authors of malicious software demand a ransom from its victims khổng lồ access the files & device.


What is adware?

Adware stands for “advertising software”, a program that displays banner ads and/or pop-ups on devices without permission.Adware distinguishes itself from your typical in-hàng hóa ads, in-app banners, và service-supported ads in the following ways: •The software, which displays the ads, was installed without your explicit consent (often unnoticed during the installation process). •The adware hijacks your website browser & redirects you to lớn third tiệc nhỏ websites. •Sensitive information related to lớn your web browsing & purchasing habits is collected without your knowledge and consent.





What is spyware?

Spyware is software that secretly monitors and collects information.Spyware can be used legally. Certain companies install it on their employees’ computers to monitor sensitive activities (in which case, it ought khổng lồ be included in their contracts). It is also included in some parental control programs, which can work in a similar fashion lớn keep a watchful eye out for cyberbullying.




What is a hacker?

It denotes an individual with outstanding programming skills. Although frequently used to denote criminal activity, the term itself is agnostic.Hackers are frequently divided inlớn 3 categories: Blaông xã Hat, White Hat, & Grey Hat. •Blaông chồng Hat hackers are computer programmers who use their skill for illicit activities, such as developing malware. •White Hat hackers, on the other hvà, are frequently hired by companies with the explicit purpose of testing their network defenses. •Grey Hat hackers are a more elusive sầu community usually associated with hacktivism, a hacking activity driven by political or social motivations.  The prominent Anonymous group is often thought of as a community of Grey Hat hackers.




What are phishing attacks?

These are attempts khổng lồ capture sensitive information by cybercriminals masquerading as banks, social media platforms, & other official entities.




What are rootkits?

It’s a technique used by software khổng lồ gain long-term access lớn a computer without having the required permission. Rootkits are typically installed by other malware khổng lồ cover their traces. For example, a keylogger might siphon off passwords & credit thẻ details, while the rootkit hides the traffic khổng lồ keep the theft unbeknown to lớn the user. Other cases involve Trojans that install a rootkit in order to lớn create a botnet.




What is a Trojan?

Trojans are malicious programs that misrepresent themselves khổng lồ appear routine or helpful, but actually carry out hidden functions.




What is a computer worm?

Worms are malicious programs similar lớn viruses: they cause havoc on devices và are able lớn self-replicate. Unlike viruses, which need human action lớn propagate, worms are able khổng lồ sover out hundreds of thousands of copies of themselves via email, or spread via USB devices & shared folders.

Private by design: We don"t sell your data.

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Unlike most security vendors, doesn"t sell your data và never will. Nor bởi we share your data with 3rd parties such as government, Big Tech or advertising networks. has more than 35 years of online security experience


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Learn more about the following


What is adware?

Adware shows annoying or infected advertisements on your device without your permission & you get spammed with banners và pop-ups…

Learn about adware

What is malware & how can I stay safe online?

Visiting websites & downloading files makes your computer or mobile device vulnerable to lớn threats & attacks…

Learn about malware

What is ransomware & why bởi I need ransomware protection?

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts the hard disk of the infected system…

Learn about ransomware

What is phishing & why can it lead khổng lồ ID theft?

Is that tin nhắn from your bank? This technique uses deceptive sầu emails & websites to lớn gather personal information…

Learn about phishing

What is spyware và why is it “watching”?

Spyware is a software that secretly monitors you and collects data about you, your device, và your online activities…

Learn about spyware Free Antivirut – effective virut protection

The freeware antivirus app for Windows and Mac

Why bởi vì you need an antivirut app?

The mạng internet has connected almost all four corners of the globe. Social truyền thông media and streaming are booming, and banking is now largely done online. But this is attracting an ever growing number of cybercriminals. Malware & malicious tiện ích attacks on computers, smartphones, and tablets are constantly increasing. Even though Apple, Microsoft, & tech companies are constantly releasing new security updates, no digital device should be without an antivirut tiện ích. That’s because even the lachạy thử, fully updated operating system and software cannot always reliably prevent cyberattacks. The freeware virus protection solution Free Antivi khuẩn helps you protect your sensitive data from malware and prsự kiện hackers manipulating and blackmailing you.

How does an antivirus phầm mềm work?

An antivirus tiện ích is a kind of doctor for computers, smartphones, & tablets, regularly checking for infections. Free Antivirus offers preventative protection for your data and devices, with the antivirus scanner constantly scanning your system for viruses, Trojans, worms, và other malware. Depending on your settings, the software will either delete any malicious file it finds or move sầu it khổng lồ the quarantine. Once there, the malicious tệp tin can no longer bởi vì any damage — plus you can check it và delete it if necessary.

How good and reliable is Free Antivirus?

Our antivirus tiện ích combines real-time protection with the security technology of our Protection Cloud, which examines unknown files for malware and exploits before they can get onto your computer. Thanks to artificial intelligence, our virus protection is always learning and automatically adapting to new cyberthreats. With Free Antivirut, you also get to enjoy reliable protection against:

Spyware: Our không tính tiền antivirut scanner helps you protect yourself from hackers spying on you by identifying hidden spy software & rendering it harmless immediately.Malicious websites: The Browser Safety add-on helps you bloông chồng potentially dangerous websites before they even load.Ransomware extortion: The anti-ransomware feature helps protect your data from being held hostage by ransomware.Adware: The adware scanner helps you detect and bloông chồng bloatware or potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) like adware in software downloads.

Why should I go for Free Antivirus?

With Free Antivirus, you can protect your data và devices from mạng internet threats. Our next-gen antivirus helps you blochồng ransomware, prevent phishing, và take proactive steps against viruses, Trojans, adware, & spyware. Thanks khổng lồ our Protection Cloud công nghệ, our real-time protection also safeguards you against zero-day attacks. On top of all this, the virut definitions are updated frequently và installed automatically in the background.

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On which devices can I install Free Antivirus?

You can use the antivirus tiện ích on all the lademo computers, smartphones, or tablets running Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS & which meet the following minimum requirements:


Operating system: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 (32- or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit) with Service Paông chồng 1 & the latest updates

Processor: AMD: Athlon 64 or Sempron (Paris Core)/Opteron & newer

Centaur technology: VIA C7 và newer

Intel: Pentium 4 (for desktop) or Pentium M (for laptop) & later


2 GB of miễn phí disk space plus additional space for temporary and quarantine files

Internet Explorer 8 or newer


Operating system: macOS 10.13 (El Capitan) or later

Processor: 64-bit single core


2 GB of available hard drive space

Android: Android 6.0 or later

iOS: iOS 8 or later

What features does Free Antivi khuẩn come with?

When you download our freeware antivirut solution, you also get:

An adware scanner to lớn detect & bloông chồng unwanted advertising software in downloads.An anti-ransomware feature to protect your data from being held hostage by digital extortionists.A spyware cleaner lớn unmask và remove spy apps on your computer or điện thoại thông minh.

How bởi vì I install the Free Antivirus app?

Download Free Antivi khuẩn for Windows or Mac for không tính phí from our website or install the tiện ích on your Smartphone device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. mở cửa the downloaded file on your Windows or Mac computer và follow the installation instructions. You can then use Free Antivirus straight away lớn run your first scan và kiểm tra your device for security, online privacy, and performance issues.

What’s included in the không lấy phí download? Free Antivirut combines many features & technologies khổng lồ protect yourself from hacker attacks, malware, và other threats. It also includes other features lớn help you protect your online privacy as well as various tune-up utilities.

What is Antivirut Pro & how much does it cost? Antivirus Pro has your bachồng in many more ways with additional features such as web, tải về, và gmail protection (Windows feature). Armed with these features, you can scan your downloads và tin nhắn attachments for malware, & even protect yourself from phishing link in emails. In addition, our premium version offers advanced ransomware protection. And since Antivirus Pro performs both a signature-based analysis và heuristic (behavior-based) analysis, it can also detect & bloông chồng new ransomware types and mutations.

The premium version of Antivirut Security for Android features website protection for safer surfing as well as camera and microphone protection khổng lồ prevent prying eyes & ears from snooping on you. The premium version of điện thoại Security for iOS also comes with web protection, plus a breach monitor lớn alert you if your data has been leaked online.

The premium protection of Antivirus Pro for Windows or Mac is available from just EUR 34.95 per year (with an annual subscription). Antivirus Security for Android and điện thoại Security for iOS are available as annual subscriptions for EUR 7.95.